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How To Find Effective Spanish Language Software That Is Fast, Easy, and Fun... (And Get It For Half Price Too!)

Hi, Craig here from Kansas City.  If you're like me, then you have some interest in learning the Spanish language.  Well, no matter what your reason for wanting to learn, you will be happy to know that there are some really great Spanish language software products out there available today.  Not all of them are of the highest quality, but there's a handful of them that definitely are.  The question is, how do you know which ones are the high quality ones and which ones are not?  If you're like me, then you probably base part of your evaluation on the price of the product.  If it's more expensive, then it must be better.  If it's cheap, then it must not be so great.  Right?  Well, generally speaking that's true, but there are exceptions.  And if you're interested in knowing which products offer the most value for the least money, then read on.  I've purchased several Spanish language software packages and while I'm by no means going to attempt to do some kind of  Spanish language software comparison, I do believe that by sharing my experiences with you, that I can help you find the best value in Spanish language software for you.

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My First Step: I Bought A Whole Slew Of Spanish Language Software Products Of Questionable Quality.

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My Second And Final Step: I Found Something A Whole Lot Better Than The Rest!

Types Of Spanish Language Software: The Good And The Bad


I've purchased a whole slew of  Spanish language software products.  There are tons of them out there.  Many I bought used off of eBay or  So I've seen a lot of what's out there.. the whole gamut.  The cheap stuff, the expensive stuff, the easy stuff, the hard stuff, the fun stuff, the boring stuff, and the stuff that eventually winds up in the trash can.

Now, if you're not interested in purchasing a bunch of different products to compare, and you don't feel that you can trust spanish language software reviews online, then I certainly don't blame you.  I  know what it's like to want to cut to the chase and get to the best of the good stuff right now.

But even though you'd like to get to the best of the good stuff right now, let me take just a brief moment to share with you the basic categories of what is available today in Spanish language software.

The first category that I'd like to talk about are the products that I like to refer to as "the cheapo products".  You've all seen these. They're everywhere: at your local department store, at Sam's and Costco, available online, etc.  These Spanish language software products typically are made by companies whose brand name you've never heard of.  But, there are some products that fall into the cheap category that actually have a recognizable brand name.  I'm really tempted to share that name here, but I'll be nice.  I've got many of the cheapo products, and while they look exciting on the package and they even look interesting while you're installing it on your computer, many times, they just don't deliver.  I have one Spanish language software product that I installed on my PC, and I literally could not understand what they were saying at all!  It was ridiculous.  It may seem obvious, but I have to say it anyway, the cheapo products will not give you what you want and should be avoided.

The second category of Spanish language software products that I'd like to address are those that seem to be of unquestionable quality. These are the products that I like to call "the expensive products".  Unlike the cheapo products, when you buy one of the expensive products, you are definitely going to get something decent.  These products are also usually of a brand name that you've probably heard of before.  You know, like Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, and the like.  The problem with these types of products is the exhorbitant price. Now, I know that if you compare these to the cost of a private tutor that they can be somewhat attractive, but seriously, in today's economy, who has an extra 300+ bucks to drop on some Spanish language software?  I certainly don't!

My Dilemma:  Finding A Quality Product That I Could Afford

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After sorting through the various products that I had purchased, I realized that the cheapo products were not going to give me any satisfaction.  Naturally, I eyed the more expensive products with envy.  I would love to have one or all of them, but I couldn't afford them.  They are just too expensive.

I knew I had to find something.  Realizing that I had to have something that was better than the cheapo department store Spanish language software packages, I realized that I was just going to have to strike a happy medium somehow.  Perhaps I could find something that was better quality than the cheapo products but didn't cost quite as much as the expensive products.  I had to find something.

As you can imagine, this search began to get pretty discouraging.  When you're looking through the Spanish language software products available out there, the cheapo products are easy to find.  They are everywhere.  And it was pretty depressing to find the so called Spanish language software reviews online.  You've seen those pages that I'm talking about?  It's where they do a Spanish language software comparison of a whole slew of different products.  You can click on the link next to each product to go buy whichever one you think is best.  The thing is, you can see that the page is set up to where the site designer will get a commission on the sale regardless of which one you pick!  Well, personally I don't care for that very much, because it tells me that the person who designed that site really doesn't care if I get what's best for me.  They just care that I pick any one of the products on their page so they can make some money.  So my search continued...

Then I Found A Little Known Secret  (I Couldn't Believe It!)

Spanish language softwareAt this stage of my search, I was so entrenched in the idea that quality was tied to price that I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to find a decent quality product for a reasonable price.  This perspective was stuck so firmly in my head that even if I had some good quality Spanish language software staring me right in the face, I would have been skeptical.  In my defense, a certain amount of skepticism is somewhat healthy, but in my case, it almost caused me to miss something really good.

I would have never imagined that I could have found something as good or even better than those expensive Spanish grammar software products like Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone for a price that I could afford.  Well, believe it or not there actually is a product like that available.  Now I know that sounds pretty ridiculous, so let me explain.

I found Rocket Spanish Premium.  In my opinion it is as good or even better than those expensive products like Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone.  Rocket Spanish Premium is produced by a company called Rocket Languages and they make language products for numerous languages: French, German, Russian, you name it.  Okay, now get this:  the reason they can offer a product that exceeds the quality of those expensive courses is because they offer the entire package in a digital / downloadable format.  Now don't get me wrong here:  Rocket Spanish Premium is not in any way inferior to the expensive products just because it's all downloadable.  As a matter of fact:  you can get Rocket Spanish Premium as an actual physical product delivered to your house, but it will cost nearly as much as those expensive products if you purchase it as a physical product.  

Let me tell you what sweetened this deal even further.  When I looked into Rocket Spanish Premium, I discovered that, at the time, they were running a half off promotion on their downloadable product.  Yeah, that's right, 50% of the regular price!  

Rocket Spanish Premium is not just a bunch of audios that you listen to in your car..  It's also not a boring Spanish grammar software package that makes you do repetitive grammar exercises in some kind of workbook.  Instead, Rocket Spanish Premium is a Spanish language course that is computer based, interactive, multimedia rich, and is comprehensive enough to meet the needs of both beginning and advanced students.  Not only that, but the way that the material is presented makes it fun and interesting.

The truth is, after seeing all that Rocket Spanish Premium had to offer, combined with their half off promotion, purchasing it was a no brainer.  I was totally convinced, and now I'm totally hooked.  There are so many benefits that Rocket Spanish Premium offers above and beyond those $300 courses that it's very difficult for me to relate all of them to you here, but I'll give it my best shot.

I Am Absolutely Thrilled With My Spanish Language Software!

When it comes down to how much you get for your money, nothing delivers like Rocket Spanish Premium.  Like I said, it's going to be difficult to share all of the many benefits of Rocket Spanish Premium with you, but I will do my best.

spanish language software
Would you like to be able to try a product before you buy it?  Yeah, me too.  Well, the makers of Rocket Spanish Premium offer a free 6 Day course, so you can get an idea of what you will be getting when you purchase the full package.  You won't be able to try before you buy with any of those $300 courses.
After you purchase Rocket Spanish Premium, you will have access to all of the materials online for life. What does that actually mean for you?  You will have access to all future enhancements and improvements to the product absolutely free.  Try getting that from any of those other expensive Spanish language software packages.

Rocket Spanish Premium comes with these cool computer based games that help you reinforce what you've learned. They've got Mega Vocab, Mega Audio, and Mega Verb.  Mega Vocab helps you increase your Spanish vocabulary by showing you pictures out of its database of over 1000 everyday items. Then you have a choice of words to match the item and you get points for selecting the correct word.  Mega Audio helps you develop your ear so you can understand the spoken Spanish of native speakers, and Mega Verb approaches the thorny area of verb conjugation in a systematic way that makes learning easy.
Rocket Spanish Premium will provide you with access to a learning community in the form of an online forum that will keep you motivated and help you through any rough patches you may encounter in your learning process.

Rocket Spanish Premium comes with a complete money back guarantee.  If it doesn't work for you or for some reason you change your mind, you can get a complete refund, no questions asked.  I don't know about you, but I can't stand dealing with a company that doesn't stand behind what they sell.  Fortunately, the makers of  Rocket Spanish Premium do not fall into that category.  On their website, they tell you exactly what you can expect from the course, and they deliver on their promises.

When it comes to value, Rocket Spanish Premium leaves other software packages in the dust.  And there are more benefits than what I've listed here, but the Rocket Spanish website explains it all much better than I can.  If you're looking for a course that will make it easy to learn Spanish at home quickly, then I recommend you go take a look at the Rocket Spanish website.

And right now, they are still offering the full course at half price.  I'm not sure how long this discount will last, so take advantage of it while you can.

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Click Here To Check Out Rocket Spanish Premium   (It's a very colorful website!)